Sen Trader

Sen Trader is a Forex and CFD trading platform that uses the latest technology to improve trading performance. Practice with past and present data and receive real-time advice and detailed reports on trading performance.

Practice whenever you want, speed up your learning and become a professional trader. All trades are analyzed automatically, so you can quickly improve your trading skills. Enjoy trading practice with different learning modes and become the best trader you can.

Features of Sen Trader

Accelerated learning

Sen Trader speeds up the learning process by allowing you practice your trading anytime of the day on historical and real time market data. Instanteous feedback on your trading performance allows you make quick adjustments to improve your trading strategy.

Practice anytime

Instead of waiting for the market to open, use our historical data to practice trading at any time. Use the weekends to find profitable strategies and be ready for trading opportunities when the market is active.

Real time advice

It’s difficult to trade alone, so we’ve added real-time advice to the platform. If you are trading in the current or past market, you can get real-time advice to improve the performance of your trades. If you violate technical analysis rules you will be warned before entering the trade to prevent entry mistakes. As you begin to show signs of overtrading, you will see also get warnings to prevent further losses.

Trading report

Each time you trade, we will analyze your performance with detailed reports so that you can find ways to improve your trading. Improve your trading quickly by understanding your strengths and weaknesses so you know what you need to practice.

Skill based learning

Perform skill based drills to improve your trading skills. Practice technical analysis, risk management and mental control. Instead of focusing on making a profit first, focus on building your trading skills by practicing different strategies and scenarios.

Simple interface

Sen Trader has a easy to use interface so you do you need to spend a long time learning the platform. Targets and stops are also set automatically when trading and easily changed. Entry points and exit points are automatically saved on the chart and the chart is easily saved so you can focus on trading.

How to improve with Sen Trader

Many traders have trading knowledge, but they are losing money because they are not executing that knowledge correctly. In addition, there are many traders who have started real trading with little trading experience.

The purpose of Turn Trade is to deepen the understanding of the idea of ​​trading through practice and to develop proper trading judgment. To do that, we need more experience. To gain more experience in a shorter period of time, trading practice using historical data is efficient. Also, trading does not end once you open a position and close it.

In order to become a stable trader, it is necessary to analyze each trade. We will also make effective use of analysis reports that make the analysis easier and clearer, and give a sense of speed to trade improvement than ever before.

Sen Traders menu

① Learning

Learn trading knowledge and answer quizzes to check your comprehension. You can also read Turn Trading original books here.

② Trade

This is a demo account that uses real-time data.

③ Practice

Practice your trading on historical data and analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.

④ Battle

You can trade against other traders online. You can set up your own battles or participate in battles created by other traders.

⑤ Level

Test your trading skills on historical data to pass increasing difficult profit target levels.

⑥ Drill

Follow drills and pass tests in order to improve your trading skills.

Real time advice

Obtain advice whilst you trade to avoid common trading mistakes. For example, if you are trading against the market`s momentum a pop up warning will appear. Getting advice in real time will reduce potential losses and improve your trading performance.


The charting tool is simplified to help traders focus on price movements rather than relying on too many indicators. You can also save your chart with entry and exit points for trade analysis with just one click.

Trade report

Your individual trade report is updated in real time so you can understand your strategy`s strengths and weaknesses. Easy to read tables and charts make it easy to understand the most important trading statistics.

Historical data

Practice your trading on historical data at differnt speeds to improve your trading more quickly. 


Trade on historical data and try to pass the profit target to pass the level. As the level progresses the targets getting higher and stop loss smaller.


Choose from many different types of drills to improve your trading. Find the correct entry points on historical charts, learn correct target and stop settings and much more.


Our trading course is categorized into 5 items; basics, markets, strategy, risk management and mental control. The course is spilt into beginner, intermediate and advanced content with a total 75 topics. Each topic has an article and quiz so you can confirm your knowledge before moving onto the next topic.

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