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Trading financial markets offers the chance to make profits but for many it ends it losses. Improve your trading performance by practicing your trading and getting real time feedback.

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Welcome to Trade Sensible

Trade Sensible has developed a trading platform which helps day traders of all levels improve their trading. Our trading platform allows traders to practice their trading on historical and real data. Our detailed reports allow you to understand your trading strengths and weaknesses to become the best trader you can be.

Complete trading drills,challenge yourself to pass trading levels and access an online study course in order to become a better trader.

Following your rules whilst trading can be difficult. Sen trader is one of the few platforms which gives both both strategy and risk management advice whilst trading.

Analyze all your trades in our easily to use reports. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and improve your trading skills.

Real time analysis

Improve your trading results through getting advice as you trade. Trader sen will warn you while you trade if you are engaging in dangerous trading behaviour. Monitor your trading performance in real time by accessing your personal trading report.

Gamified learning

Sen trader makes the process of improving your trading enjoyable by gamifying the experience. Instead of focusing on short term profits improve your trading skills to achieve long term profits.

Individual support

Trading alone can be difficult so we offer email and zoom support where we analyze your trading performance and give specific advice on how to achieve your trading goals.

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